Co$$ is finishing up his debut album.  I’m told it’s pretty dope…  Here’s his latest that came my way last night entitled “Dub Plate”.  Always one to offer insight, Co$$ tells us:

“Sup world? Anyone who knows me personally or musically knows I have the utmost reverence for the “old skoo”, so I thought I’d prove it by laying one of those throw back 80s/90s inspired joints…I hit up my nigga Playa Haze because I knew he could cook up one of those old skool joint with that classic boom bap feel..I came up on a variety of MCs, from Pimp C to Daddy Kane, Planet Asia to MC Lyte, they all inspired me to do what I do today, so enjoy the joint, and respect the Old School ya’ll, without the past there would be no present….R.I.P. Pimp C!!!……”