Dimes and Dozens

So, Complex and Grey Goose are doing this thing see, they’re like, picking out the top artists in various local markets and letting people pick their favorite.  The winner in each local market, will like, get to participate in this big thing on BET and then Complex could say something like, ‘see, we broke you.  You were just a local motherf**ker before this, so you gotta do whatever we want from now on.’  Anyway, two RH homies are up for the Chicago spot to be indebted to Complex and Grey Goose.  Those two homies being Naledge and Million $ Mano, or Million $ Mano and Naledge, however you want to look at it.  We’re not gonna pick any favorites, or tell you who to vote for.  We can say that we’d be happy with either one repping the city for us.  Check out the contest out here.