Crazy: Chimeka Got Sumn To Say

Crazy is the mixtape that you need in rotation has the New Year rolls around and you’re ready to boss your life up. Released in December, Crazy gives you everything you need in a Hip-Hop album. The intro reminds me of Chicago winter nights–where the days turn dark early but the block is still hot. Chimeka got sumn to say and Crazy shows her unique approach to telling everyone about it. With nine exclusive tracks, Crazy is hype, solid, full of skillfully encrypted bars that reminds the listeners to “do whatever floats your boat my nigga you know they say life is but a dream”. And especially for our ladies to follow her word and get some schmoney like “Building revenues upstream work this Black Girl Magic.” Chimeka calls on the features of Solo the Dweeb and Keith James in “For You” and “Fire Emojis” to add soul and early 2000’s sexy R&B. I highly recommend bumping “Fire Emojis” with your sweetheart (and boo/bae) while riding around. Back in November, I had the delight to sit down with Chimeka and discuss her process in creating this project (see here). After listening to this project, listeners can enjoy the force that she brings when telling her truth through a mirror that reveals the good, bad, sexy, and hard times. In “The Rant” and “PAR”, I felt the openness she brings when Chimeka sang and rapped as she described the struggle between finding authenticity in your surroundings and asserting yourself with pride of who you are. Whoever you are. Wherever you are, this project is worth the listen. Check it out below. It’s available on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music!

Athena Paige