Curtis Roach Looks For A Good Time In Detroit On “WJIT” (prod by Whyandotte)

“we don’t got time like we don’t own a watch.”

Back in January, Stephen and I highlighted a few artists that we were excited about in 2019. While I was able to showcase Huey Briss, I simply ran out of time to get everybody. One of those artists that has been on radar, and on repeat in my headphones is Detroit’s Curtis Roach.

Roach’s last mixtape, Highly Caffeinated, dropped at the end of 2017 and stood out for his blend of jazzy and lofi beats with crisp and lyrically impressive bars. Earlier this week, his team sent me his newest joint (at the time unreleased), “WJIT”. Upon receiving the email, I was kind of expecting another jam in the same style. Not out of any kind pigeonholing or boring-ness, Roach just does that so well that I’ve come to expect and greatly enjoy it from him.

The high BPM, brightness, and boogie of “WJIT” took me by a bit by surprise… and in a good way. Roach made a SONG here. Conceptually on point, perfectly in the pocket, and party ready. Using a phrase Neil Young made famous in the 80’s, Roach jumps out in search of a good time, self-expression via a nod to Detroit dance culture.

He told us that the song, “pays homage to jitting or the dance style JIT.  Jitting is a Club dance that’s native to Detroit. People who participate in this dance are most likely showing off their best footwork.”

The song is also somewhat tongue-in-cheek as Roach is keenly aware that having a good time and feeling free can be hard these days, as well as what might be expected from him musically. “I made this song mainly to show my versatility. This is just something to lose your mind to for a second and enjoy the moment. I want people to hear this and dance freely in the not so free world.”

Hit play on this one below. And look for much more from Curtis Roach x RH in the future.