Cut Chemist

Cut Chemist is the type of dude where you may see him, underestimate him, and then say, ‘damn… that dude is sick!’  He really broke out as part of Jurassic 5, through his joints with DJ Shadow, and the overall west coast turntablism scene.  There was a point in time in my life where all I was listening to was Cut Chemist and DJ Babu routines… Chemist, as his name indicates, is always cooking up new s**t and experimenting in the laboratory.  In his newest concoction, the Chemist brings forth The Sound of The PoliceThe Sound… is a mix CD that Chemist started off as a live performance opening up for Mulatu Astatke as part of the “Timeless” series.  While creating the set using one turntable, a mixer, a loop machine, and all vinyl records, Chemist thought the routine deserved to preserved and turned into a proper recording.

The first piece of music is “Adidas To Addis” and is available for free at Chemist’s bandcamp page, and you can also preview it below…. Suckas.