Cut Chemist launches new Apple Music video series with “Moonlightin’ with Biz” featuring Biz Markie

Biz Markie is perhaps the greatest emcee when it comes to spellchecks, and he shines in a way that only Biz can shine on Cut Chemist’s “Moonlightin’ With Biz”. The video is fun and psychedelic, even containing a clip of former NBA-player Rony Seikaly to match Biz’s obscure reference – “guaranteed to rock, do the right thing like Spike Lee, but you want to hear me like Rony Seikaly.” I don’t even fully understand that, but I love it. What I do know is that the song is off Cut Chemist’s 2018 LP, Die Cut, and the video is part of a 4-video series that Chemist is releasing with Apple Music.

You catch a preview of the video below, and check the whole thing on with an Apple Music subscription.