Cypress Hill

“I’m hitting blunts letting off rounds at the same time…”

Yes! New Cypress Hill off their 4.6.10 LP, Rise Up.   “It Ain’t Nothin'” is Cypress Hill’s best song, in my opinion, since the Temple of Boom days, and that maybe pushing it… That’s no diss at all, as the Hill was actually my FAVORITE group during the Temple of Boom days.  I had all their albums, and that’s what was in my headphones taking the bus to and from school.  Being a real fan though also means being able to pick up the good from the bad, and all I can say is that “It Ain’t Nothin'” has me psyched for their new album.  Check it out below.  And check out my interview with B-Real right here.

[Download] Cypress Hill: “It Ain’t Nothin'”

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