Danielle Tunstall’s Horror-Themed Portrait Photography

Photos by Danielle Tunstall.

Earlier this month, Gizmodo’s sister site SPLOID shared some photos from UK photographer/graphic designer Danielle Tunstall. However, despite being spotlit at the beginning of December, Tunstall’s photos are better suited for Halloween. The portraits, some of which you can see below, are rooted in shock horror with their focus on the grotesque. What some might find disturbing, others might find beautiful, and the beauty within Tunstall’s details are what make Tunstall’s photos so engrossing (no pun intended). Tunstall’s photos is also enhanced by entrancing makeup work and post-processing that further highlights the details.

You can check out some of Tunstall’s photos below, and be sure to visit her website for more from her portfolio.

[via SPLOID]

Geoff Henao

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