Defcee and knowsthetime hit the pocket on Summer Courses EP

Earlier this week, Defcee released his new EP, Summer Courses. The EP is 5 songs deep, all of which were produced by Defcee’s go-to-and-soon-to-be-heavily-sought-after-producer, knowsthetime. The EP plays out like 5 days of the week, each its own narrative existing next to, and in relation of the other songs. Every song also includes guest features, which only enhance the “day-in-the-life” imagery. Summer Courses feels like a Netflix limited series with a character floating through time, recounting past experiences with keen analysis and awareness. Each song carries the name of a different summer starting in 2018 and ending in 2010 with the incredible summation record, “thenow (Summer 10)”.

Defcee’s guest features show up like cameo actors that pop-in on the main character just to meet up with and do real life shit. He attends a house party with CRASHprez on “I’m the… (Summer 17)”, and trades stories of racial-profiling with greenSLLIMe on “12 (summer 07)”, my two favorite songs on the project.

Defcee has always been a beast with bars, and this is no different. Summer Courses has some of the best opening lines I’ve heard in a minute. It’s not just punchlines though, there are layers in each track and a steady theme of duality present from start to finish. Each song is almost like a mark on the wall that tracks a child’s height as Defcee presents the time, the space, and where he fits in to both.

The production gives Defcee and all his collaborators space to work and stretch out. The result is a thoughtful and well-executed EP. Summer Courses is relaxed EP, but never boring,