Dj Babu by Virgil Solis

Over the weekend when the RH crew was locked in the studio for 14 hrs with the homie DJ Babu for a Closed Session, he was showing us his latest hobby of making short movies with his iPhone. Very dope idea of using stills to create short movies while hitting ya’ll with some new beats as the the backdrop. As Babu is readying The Beat Tape Vol.2 (2/23/09) he gives his fans an inside look into his daily life, friends, travels and more. Keep a look out next week when he drops #5 of his short movies entitled “Chi-Nanigans” you might see some familiar faces, so stay tuned.

Short Film # 4: Babu demonstrates how to take a “quip”, plays some drums, checks out some ill records, talks to his friends on twitter, and gives you a sneak peek into his home studio.  shouts out to j-dilla, dj rob-one, and grandmaster roc raida