Chicago Conspiracy Mixtape

DJ Broadway Streetz unleashes the Chicago Conspiracy Mixtape, a mix that is all Chicago all the time.  Featuring some RH favorites like Mikkey Halsted, Bruza, Kanye West, and others, The Conspiracy presents a Chicago vibe and gives the shine to some new faces.  DJ Broadway Streetz, who is originally from Harlem, moved to Chicago 2 years ago.  He said about the music and the mix, 

“I am a music lover and as a Dj you must listen to the music and feel it out. I was amazed on how much talent was here. You always get the common the kanyes twistas and lupes..but this new young generations music is good in fact radio and mixtape worthy.”

Tracklist and download link below.


The Chicago Conspiracy Theory

1.  Shayla G: “Work Hard”

2.  Bump J: “Chicago

3.  Rich Kidz: “Paper”

4. Brill: “Respect Me Man”

5. Bruza The General: “Hard On Em”

6. Brill: “Just Do It”

7. Kanye West featuring Big Sean: “Glenwood”

8. Mikkey Halsted: “Hello”

9. Amilcar: “Pusher Freestyle”

10. Mic Terror: “N***a Like Me”

11. Shayla G: “Grown and Sexy”

12. Rich Kidz: “Meet Me Outside”

13. Bruza The General: “Go And Do Your Thing”

14. Sly Polaroid: “Ya’ Easy”

15. Y.P.: “Hustle”

16. The Cool Kids: “Knocked Down”

17. Grav: “Workin'”

18. Johnny Hampton: “Blow Me Away”

19. Mikkey Halsted: “We Are 1”

20. Brill featuring Broadway Streetz: “Fly As A Mutha Remix”

21. Amilcar featuring M.I.A.: “Hit That Remix”

22. Shawnna featuring Bruza: “Cadillac Wheel Grippin'”

23. L.E.P. Bogus Boys: “Shawty Is A Rider”