During the passed 6 months that I’ve been on the RH staff, I’ve interviewed a rich,if you will, amount of boutique owners, and artists from all around the United States. Those who I think the question of “cyber music marketing” relates to, I ask them how they feel about it. While many artist embrace the looseness of how the internet is being used to catapult an artist to success, others feel as though it solicits laziness. Others like, DJ Muggs, as he told me during a recent interview.

RH:  How do you feel about the current state of Hip Hop, in terms of the Internet being such an enormous factor in an artist’s success?

DJ Muggs: If the Internet went away lets see what people could do. I mean the Internet has a lot of great tools don’t get me wrong, but it promotes laziness. Artists were getting promoted great before it. It opened a lot of doors for MuthaF***as who shouldn’t be rapping and should go get a job. It gave them an outlet for they s**t. But it isn’t good and they shouldn’t do this. I think if the internet went away today the record labels would be back on top selling records like they should because all these so called music lovers that just download the music are turning art in to just nothing. I would not be mad if the Internet went away today man. 

Full interview coming soon!!!