DJ RTC: “Swagger Like Chi” feat. Naledge, MarVo, Really Doe, Bump J, Mikkey Halsted, & GLC

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Swagger Like Us” hit the internet a few weeks ago and has become a monster smash.  Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil’ Wanye, and T.I. all delivered on the biggest posse cut in years, and the infectious beat has been tackled by emcees nationwide. Shortly after the track’s release, I was able to get my hands on an instrumental, which I emailed to Mikkey Halsted, jokingly asking him to shout me out if he decided to go in on the beat.  A few days later Really Doe came through the RH office and told us about his experience with the beat, and a futile attempt to land it for his American 2 Fresh debut.  We pitched him the idea of jumping on the track with Mikkey and he was down.  More importantly, the wheels were in motion.  We quickly hit up Naledge, who was in town gearing up for Kidz In The Hall’s tour with Murs, he was in as well and “Swagger Like Chi” finally had some legs.  We enlisted GLC for the final slot, called Michael Kolar at SoundScape Studios and booked a recording session…


We weren’t sure who was going to show up last week Wednesday.  Our goal was not only to record a remix showcasing a wide range of Chicago emcees, but to actually get everyone together to record the track, something that has been talked about but not yet done.  We knew Naledge would be there, as he can easily be found at SoundScape anytime he is in the Chi.  Really Doe gave us a confirmation, and Mikkey Halsted provided his guarantee as well.  In addition, Mikkey was bringing two new guests who heard about the idea and had to get down on the track, MarVo and Bump J.  We welcomed both emcees, and by 8 PM on the first Wednesday in October all artists mentioned aboved were in the same room writing rhymes, sharing stories, having some drinks and making music.  Chicago producers SC and Boogz both swung through the studio as well after learning about what was going on and feeling like they had to be there to see it.

Due to flight delays and the usual business, GLC didn’t make it back in time for the studio session, but everyone involved felt like the song would not be complete without him.  He spit a verse to me over the phone, I told him it was fire, he laid down a rough cut in LA before swinging through SoundScape on Saturday to do his verse proper justice.  I added a quick scratch intro using the acapella, Mike added his mastering touch, and “Swagger Like Chi” was complete.  You can now download the track below, as well as see photos from the recording session.  We also did our behind the scenes documentary thing, and that video will be out tomorrow is below.

Leave us your comments with your thoughts on the track, your favorite lines, who came hardest, and you can even suggest who else should be included…Enjoy!

DJ Roosevelt Treasurechest: “Swagger Like Chi” feat. Naledge, MarVo, Really Doe, Bump J, Mikkey Halsted, & GLC



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