Review: “More Life” Gives More “Views”

What many feel is Drake’s accelerated path to get out of his current deal continues as Drake releases his 4th project in 2 years, More Life. Every time Drake releases music, it is a topic of conversation. This is no different. Drake continues to bring out the lovers, haters and the constant critics with More Life.

Drake does not put out 100% rap albums. He’s bigger than the genre of hip-hop. Get over it. I don’t believe Drake has been concerned with being the best rapper for some years now. Then you have his biggest records not being rap songs and you have no choice but to understand that More Life is indeed a playlist. A playlist of music Drake likes to experiment with. In what sounds like an extension of Views and the response from it, More Life is “Drake doing Drake “with no apologies or respect for your personal opinion.

More Life

“More Life”

In case you were wondering. Yes. Joe Budden, Meek Mill and Jay Z all get a few shots thrown their way throughout the project. See songs “Free Smoke”, “Portland”, “Lose You”, “Do Not Disturb”, and “Can’t Have Everything”. You can throw “Fake Love” in that mix too. Although there is a large population that doesn’t like or respect the subliminal diss and the lack of saying names while throwing slander. It must be understood that Drake didn’t create that game. He just plays it well. More Life forces you to listen and pay close attention to more of Drake’s life. You also get some good music to vibe to.

Whether you believe Drake took down J.Lo or not. You better believe he took a hook to one of her biggest songs and made a nice track called “Teenage Fever”. The title of the song should tell you what’s up though. I like “Passionfruit”. That’s honestly one of my favorites on the album. Makes me want to sip and sing passionately. “Blem” has that real question every man wants to know “I wanna know, how come we can never splash and stay friends?”. So you will want to repeat that one cause at one point in life you’ve related. “Nothings To Somethings” is either the Drake you love or kind of hate, but you listen cause it’s vulnerable and emotional.

Drake’s mother says the realest thing on the album while being concerned for her son on “Can’t Have Everything”. Kanye West appears on “Glow”. It’s a good song, but I’m still not excited about them coming together for a project. Young Thug chose to shut every mumble rap critic up with his features on “Sacrifices” [also features 2 Chainz] and “Ice Melts”.

Long review short. Drake is over you ni**as that got too much to say about a life you never lived. His “real” and your “real” are different. He doesn’t care and you shouldn’t either. Drake is also confused how you all question his pen game when he’s literally gave you more than one for what will be 10 summers this year. More Life is focused on making hits in a genre that is not focused on solely rap or R&B. But don’t get it confused. There are dope rap moments throughout More Life. More Life like every other Drake album is worth your ear and listen. Take your expectation out of his mission and enjoy!

The running theme? And more chune for your head tops. So watch how you speak on my name. You know?


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