E3 2015: Highlights from Microsoft’s Press Conference

During their E3 2015 press conference yesterday, Microsoft dropped a bombshell – the Xbox One will be backwards compatible with select Xbox 360 games. While the list only features 100 games (both disc-based and XBLA), that number is sure to expand in the coming months as developers and publishers simply need to approve which games will be backwards compatible, and Microsoft will do the rest. Digitally-purchased games will appear on gamers’ lists, while Xbox 360 discs will trigger a digital download when inserted into the system. This should give extra life to pre-existing 360 game libraries, although backwards compatibility has been proven to be overrated and unnecessary (re: early PS3s, the current market for HD remakes, etc.).

Another personal highlight from Microsoft’s E3 presser was the live Minecraft on HoloLens demo. For those unfamiliar with the Microsoft HoloLens, it’s a special VR headset that projects what the viewer sees onto any surface. In the video above, the presenters play Minecraft projected directly onto the table (the cameras are fitted with HoloLens tech to capture and display exactly what the HoloLens users sees. Despite planting my flag firmly in the PlayStation camp, HoloLens can be revolutionary not only for gamers, but technology as a whole.

While these two announcements were the biggest for me, Microsoft made many other game-related announcements, as well as a complete overhaul of the Xbox One controller, referred to as the Xbox One Elite controller and can be seen in the header above, that will be completely re-mappable, more intuitive, and with a revamped D-pad.

I recommend checking out IGN’s summary of Microsoft’s E3 conference for more!

Geoff Henao

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