Earphones Just Got A Little Smarter With The Dash Smart Earphones

With all the smartphones and smartwatches out on the market, it was only a matter of time that we’d see a new product out. This time, though, the company Bragi has taken a different route and developed the Dash Smart Earphones. As the word “smart” suggests, these are not your standard run of the mill earphones that only offers sound; no, they offer so much more. The technology inside these small wireless earphones act not only as headphones, but an MP3 player, microphone, USB Stick, and fitness tracker all in one single bluetooth device. Through bluetooth, you are able to connect to your smartphone easily and listen to your music without the use of cords, and it also has 4GB of flash storage so you can upload songs to it directly in case you leave your phone at home. Another cool feature is the ability of being able to monitor your work outs with the Dash keeping track steps, oxygen saturation, heart rate and more. Also the built microphone can either cancel out sound when you need quite time as well as offering a way to hear whats going around like when your riding your bike on bust streets. As of right now, there are still being developed but you can head over to their website to learn more about the Dash Smart Earphones here and back their KickStarter campaign here.

[Via Bragi]

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