[EP] Isaiah Toothtaker X Jacob Safari: “?OTHING”

Sometimes, it seems like Tuscon rapper Isaiah Toothtaker never rests. Less than a month ago, a music video for the Blue Sky Death remix of his collaboration with Gunplay, “Frownin,” was released showcasing the two fronting a cult. Toothtaker isn’t one to shy away from controversy or risk taking, illustrated by his previous mixtape’s title, Illmatic 2, which serves as both a reference to NaS’ iconic Illmatic, but also Toothtaker’s acceptance and understanding of internet culture.

With his latest EP, ?OTHING, the rapper teamed up with former Wavves drummer Jacob Safari producing the tracks. However, the aforementioned controversial risk taking Toothtaker is notorious for comes in the use of unlicensed Nine Inch Nails samples used for the EP. ?OTHING combines Safari’s use of dark (aren’t they all?) NIN samples to complement Toothtaker’s lyrics of insightful self-reflection. Safari also utilizes some extra vocal production, such as an echo effect on the “la mer” chorus that creates a medley-like sensation that reflects and enhances the chorus’ lyrics themselves (“Some say it’s a cycle/And then some say I’m just psycho/Like I don’t know what I’m doing when I’m doing what I’m doing/I’ma ruin everything/You won’t do a thing”).

A little bird tells me there’ll be more coming from Isaiah Toothtaker really soon. For now, listen to ?OTHING below.

[via Noisey]

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