Escape From Tomorrow escapes from a Disney lawsuit

When we posted the trailer for Escape from Tomorrow, I was worried that Disney would step in and block the film from releasing. After all, the psychological thriller was shot without permission on Disney premises and doesn’t exactly paint the House that Walt Built in the best light. However, all worries have been dissuaded as Disney has decided not to pursue any legal action against the indie film.

Despite having a solid case against director Randy Moore’s low budget indie film, Disney is making the smart move by not bringing any more attention to an otherwise niche film that won’t find much of an audience outside of cult circles and film aficionados. However, Disney’s inactivity doesn’t mean they’ll be so lackadaisical the next time they hear of another film being shot on Disney grounds without permission.

This all comes as good news for those intrigued by the film, despite the film’s original Sundance cut receiving a lukewarm response from other critics. I’m already hooked by the film’s premise, so let’s hope the new, shorter cut being released into theaters next month.

[via Collider]

Geoff Henao

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