Evidence returns with “Unlearning”

“I bought the book so I could follow the plot, this is not a follow-up to Weather or Not,” 

Evidence raps on “Unlearning” a newly released song and video (Shot & Directed By Stephen Vanasco). Ev has been alluding to new music on his twitter and instagram pages, and now it’s here. Rejoice.

“Unlearning” carries an improv vibe of sorts, from the jazzy sounds to the “jazz cigarettes” Ev enjoys. The rhymes also carry a bit of an improv vibe, even if Evidence is admittedly lying when he says in the song’s first few bars that he’s not writing raps down these days.

“Unlearning” is also circular, and if you listen closely and repeatedly, you’ll see lines interacting with each other, themes continuing to pop up across the record’s 3 minutes. Whether it’s testing out new flow patterns or work styles, “Unlearning” is on point for the “slow-flower, go-getter, never been a no-shower.”

Evidence always seems to show up when people need him most, and it’s good to have him back again.