Last week two Will Ferrell inspired songs appeared on the net and subsequently, RubyHornet. The songs, which take their names/choruses from “Talladega Nights” and “Anchorman” got us thinking about other movie lines that may make for good music. Check out the quotes, the subsequent song titles, artists, and themes…Just read it, you’ll like it.

Kenny Powers

Song Title: “Listen Here You Beautiful Bitch (F**k You Up With Some Truth)”
Artist: DJ Khaled featuring Akon, T-Pain, and T.I.
Synopsis: DJ Khaled finds inspiration in the form of Kenny Powers to make his most heartfelt and romantic edition of his Listennnn catch phrase. Akon and T-Pain assist on the hook, and T.I. also comes through with an honest verse in which in confesses to every crime he’s ever committed…I mean every crime. A slowed down beat, well placed flute, and a remorseful chorus make drunk dudes in every club, everywhere stop their girl and sing along. Babies upon babies are made, and Eastbound and Down gets brought back on the air.
Originally Said By: Kenny Powers, “Eastbound and Down”

50 Cent

Song Title: “Not Worth Winning (If You Can’t Win Big)”
Artist: 50 Cent
Synopsis: Digging in the Disney Crates, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson breaks down his approach to music, business, and life via a Pee Wee Hockey cheer made famous in The Mighty Ducks. The Vitamin Water, shoes, assault on Rick Ross and Ja Rule all get explained away in the philosophy made famous by the hated Hawks. Emilio Estevez guest stars in the video along with Goldberg the Goalie.
Originally Said By: The Hawks, “The Mighty Ducks”

The Stranger from Big Lebowski

Song Title: “Sometimes You Eat The Bear…”
Artist: Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots
Synopsis: Scott Weiland goes the acoustic route in this bittersweet tale of triumph, and yes, tragedy. Utilizing a theme at the heart of The Big Lebowski, Weiland drops the knowledge with his guitar and skillfully used tambourine to tell the story of an up and down singing man. Rehab, romance, riches, and another R to be named later propel this one to the top of the charts and usher out the lighters as the perfect ending to any set.
Originally Said By: The Stranger, “The Big Lebowski”

Knocked Up

Song Title: “She Looks Really…Smart”
Artist: John Legend featuring Kidz In The Hall
Synopsis: John Legend praises a woman’s mind in this joint that is accompanied by a school-based music video. The song/video becomes even more risqué when Legend takes the leap and does an unrated version. Smart girls need love too, and Legend is just the guy to give it to them. Double O graces the mic as well with a comical auto-tune filled verse, while Naledge spits a verse dedicated to the female anatomy using only science and medical terms.
Originally Said By: Jason, “Knocked Up”


Song Title: “Dopest Dope (West Coast Remix)”
Artist: Afroman featuring B Real, Evidence, Snoop Dogg
Synopsis: Frustrated by an industry that wrote him off as one-hitter wonder, Afroman goes for what he knows with this song inspired by “The Pineapple Express”. “The Dopest Dope” picks up where “Cause I Got High” left off, except this time Afroman is unapologetic for his weed consumption. He unleashes a banger detailing the “dopest dope I’ve ever smoked.” The song is so inspiring that B Real, Evidence, and Snoop Dogg jump on the West Coast Remix, and it becomes an epic tour de force for the ganja. Later regional editions feature Meth, Red & Styles P on the East Coast edition, while GLC, Bun B, Devin The Dude, and Cold Hard of Crucial Conflict go in for a Chicago meets Texas version.
Originally Said By: Saul, “The Pineapple Express”

Wedding Crashers

Song Title: “Might As Well Be A Bullseye”
Artist: Kid Cudi featuring Justin Timberlake
Synopsis: Kid Cudi and Justin Timberlake collaborate on this master joint about fighting temptation inspired by Vince Vaughn’s character in “Wedding Crashers”. In the song, Mr. Cudi and his wingman JT, are out at the club. Cudi assumes the role of a rising star with a girl who’s been with him since the start. Now that’s he’s on the rise, he’s literally getting it thrown at him, like ‘swimming in women with their own condominiums” thrown at him. He’s trying to stay faithful, but these girls are ruthless, and fine, and dare I say, ruthlessly fine. Timberlake makes this worse during the chorus by finishing each Cudi verse with, ‘I’m trying baby, I do try, but that tattoo on her back might as well be a bullseye…” Grammy all over it.
Originally Said By: Jeremy, “Wedding Crashers”

Ricky Bobby

Song Title: “Piss Excellence (Plain & Simple)”.
Artist: Diddy
Synopsis: Could anybody else really make this joint? Diddy adopts the rap style of the emcee of the moment, only to best him through mentions of yachts, cologne, and cars with doors that literally snap off, fold up and fit in your pocket. He ends the final verse with a pissing noise followed by an explosion, implying that not even the toughest toilet can handle his “excellence”. Day 26 want to do the hook, but Diddy says no, electing to sing it himself in each individual members harmony, thus showing them that he would be Day 26 himself, he just doesn’t have time for the necessary cloning procedures.
Originally Said By: Ricky Bobby “Talladega Nights”

Pineapple Express

Song Title: “Just Trying to Get that Scholarship”
Artist: Asher Roth featuring Kanye West
Synopsis: Suffering from label pressures to make another “I Love College”, Asher Roth goes all “I Am” on Steve Rifkind and pens this dark comedy of a song in which he likens the rap game to the underworld of college athletics and scholarships. Kanye West feels inspired and jumps on the remix to both pull Asher up, yet also backhandedly put him in his place.
Originally said by: Red, “Pineapple Express”