The Go! Experiment

About time…I’ll let AB give you the scoop.

“…we assembled a group of Chicago emcees to come together in the same room at the same time to create what we’ve titled ‘The GO! Experiment’. 

Rhymefest, Mikkey Halsted, Naledge, Really Doe, J. Ivy, Pugs Atomz, Mick Luter, Mic Terror, Project Mayhem, Cold Hard (of Crucial Conflict), Phil G, YP, Bighomie Doe, Vic Spencer, Big Wiz, Shayla G, Teefa, Twone Gabz, The Primeridian, The Rocketeers, Mike 100s, Vic Mensah and many more all showed up to spit.  Jay iLLa spun the entire event, and featured nothing but classic Windy City instrumentals.  Leaders 1354 let us have the event at their Wells location, and PHLI’s Dave Jeff was nice enought to host it.”

More info soon…trailer below…

The Go! Experiment – Trailer from The EP Art Brand on Vimeo.