Famous Film Characters in Lego Form

Legos and films go hand in hand, as I’ve made abundantly clear during my tenure with Ruby Hornet. Whether Lego enthusiasts are recreating scenes from films using stock Lego pieces or even creating feature-length family films with them, the creativity that goes behind Lego creation is so amazing and inspiring. One Flickr user, SuckMyBrick, has created iconic film characters with Legos as part of a “Movie Quiz” photo set on Flickr where people can take a guess at which films are being represented.

While I won’t spoil the ten photos SuckMyBrick took, I’ve shared some of my favorites from the set in the gallery below that are represent a good variety of film genres from comedy to action to musical (and everything in between). Make sure you check out SuckMyBrick’s Flickr Photostream for more Lego creations, including South Park characters and even political figures like Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro.

[via Fast Co.CREATE]

Geoff Henao

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