Fashawn contributes to Loud.com’s “Streets Don’t Lie” Record deal contest with his entry, “Day In Sunny CA”.  The contest is done in conjunction with a number of sites, and Fashawn’s is running through our homie DJ Z’s DJBooth.net.  Video/info below.   

Loud.com has partnered with DJBooth.net and five other high-profile hip-hop sites for their new Streets Don’t Lie contest, in which six up-and-coming emcees will submit videos for their latest singles in hopes of winning a single deal with SRC Records. We in the Booth are proud to present the world premiere of the newest video from reader favorite and West Coast buzzmaker Fashawn. Over the course of the next week, fans can submit their votes for “Sunny CA” or competing entries from Big Lou, The Jacka, Snyp Life, Mysoone, and Tone Trump by texting the numbers featured in the corresponding videos.