Fast & Furious 7 Resuming Production in April

January came and went, and the rumor of Fast & Furious 7 re-entering production last month proved to go unfounded. However, with a new release date set for April 10, 2015 and a script that will honor both Paul Walker and his Brian O’Conner character, the film is ready to resume production in April. It’s being reported that Brian O’Conner will be written off and not killed off, and director James Wan and screenwriter Chris Morgan have altered existing footage to fit the script’s new direction.

The decision is vastly superior to the rumored options of having Walker’s younger brother to represent him as a body double or by using CGI to implant his face on another actor’s head. With only several weeks of shooting left, Wan and his team have more than a year of post-production to create a cohesive film that will befit not only Walker’s legacy, but the Fast & Furious franchise as a whole.

[via /Film]

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