Your Favorite Album Covers Pixelated with Legos

Lego always takes me back to my childhood, and people are making some pretty crazy stuff with Legos like cars. Back in the day, it seemed like Lego had an infinite amount of sets, and now they’ve expanded to creating sets like the Simpsons House set, which looks pretty dope.

Somebody has taken the Lego creativity to the next level with Lego Albums. You read that correctly – somebody has dedicated a Tumblr page entirely to iconic albums pixelated them Legos. When you visit the page, you’ll find all the classics in a variety of music genres, ranging from artists like Michael Jackson and The Beatles to Kanye West and Nirvana and many more. It’s pretty cool to see these albums in Lego form, so check some of them out here and visit the site for more here.

[Via Lego Albums]

Bobby Reys

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