First Look: Donny Goines

Donny Goines is not exactly new to the RH pages.  We’ve featured a slew of his music, as well as a Freestyle In The Park with Charles Hamilton.  But, we’ve never truly taken an in-depth look at our homie from Harlem.  Fortunately for us, our boy Kosha Dillz linked up with Donny Goines for our last First Look of 2008.  Check it out below as Donny speaks on his name, his new album, exercising, and of course, racks his brain in Kosha’s now signature fill in the blanks…

NYC has some hard working  characters. This site names me the hardest working man in Hip Hop, but out in NYC Donny Goines has earned himself quite a reputation as a rapper. He’s not out selling CDs at shows, nor is he annoying people. He posts up in the cut and seems to be doing it right. In fact. I should take some lessons from this guy. maybe not.  How ’bout I just ask him some tough questions and make him sweat. Make him fear this interview Yeah!!!…Actually,..I’m procrastinating about going to work…so I’m just gonna let him answer these things already. Donny Goines…gentleman, rapper, and a stand up emcee. At least that how I perceive him to be…

RubyHornet:  Your name is reference to?

Donny Goines:  My first name is Donny legally (spelling and all) and when I decided that I wanted to become a serious artist I knew I had to think of a stage name. Long story short, I don’t like nicknames and I was trying to incorporate my real name into my MC name. After a few days of tossing around names my boy suggested it (Donny Goines) and at first I was hesitant but as I thought about it more and more I felt it was a good fit.

  Ilooked in a 1993 or 98 source mag and saw a Donald Goines advertisement…did you know this?

Donny Goines:  Donald Goines, for those who don’t know is a famous author who penned urban tales. I felt me and him had alot of similarities and that’s why I adopted the moniker. I am not trying to be like him or impose on his legacy in anyway, but I do feel we share a lot of the same characteristics when its comes to writing.

  You reside in a place called  ___________.

Donny Goines:  Harlem NYC.

  Are you mainstream? I heard you went to MTV already.

Donny Goines:
  Mainstream. What’s that lol? Nah but seriously, me or my music have been on MTV2, MTVU, Fuse TV, Hot 97, Power 105 and Music Choice On Demand just to name a few. My reach extends far beyond the underground and the best is yet to come.

RubyHornet:  What’s the best thing about using a real name that’s not your real name?

Donny Goines:
  Well, Donny is my real name actually. The best thing about that is people don’t call me anything else really but my God given name, except when they add the Goines.

  What is the defintion of a blog rapper? A street rapper? A nerd rapper? What category do you fall into?

Donny Goines:
  I fall into the category of MUSICIAN. A blog is just a method to get your music out, I’ve always been a Nerd actually and I’ve done my fair share of dirt in the streets as well. Bottom line is I feel that I don’t fall into any specific category and music can be viewed differently depending on who’s looking at it.

RubyHornet:  Do you treat women well?

Donny Goines:  Always. My momma taught me well.

RubyHornet:  Your favorite thing about the holidays is what…?

Donny Goines:  Nothing really. Not really the “festive” type. Never have been come to think of it. I do get enjoyment from other people’s happiness though.

RubyHornet:  Your favorite stage to rock is?

Donny Goines:  So far I would have to say S.O.B’s in NYC. I love the crowd, the atmosphere, the space and everything thing else about it. Definitely one of my favorites thus far.

RubyHornet:  For a well presented person in public, I sense a lot of anger in your videos. Actually, better put, your video has you mad about your job in your room running around in circles. Is life really like that sometimes?

Donny Goines:  Mad? not really. Frustrated, very much so. The truth is I’m struggling.  I’m really having a hard time pursuing this career because many things that happen in life distract me. The Real World isn’t a program you see on MTV, it’s the world you see when you walk out the door and honestly speaking, s**t an’t sweet on this side.

RubyHornet:  Ever exercise?

Donny Goines:  I try but my schedule is very hectic these days. Top of the year I’m on it though. Gotta get my sexy on haha.

RubyHornet:  I know this is like a question for a college entrance exam, but where do you see yourself in the industry in 5 years. I see you as more of a business man as well…like doing talk shows and educating these newbies.

Donny Goines:  Well see. Truthfully I have no idea. Where ever life takes me is where I will be, as cliche as that may sound. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and God has a plan for us all. So, where I will end up is up to him at the end of the day. God willing I’ll still be alive making great music.

RubyHornet:  Your album is called Minute After Midnight.  Why not Hour After
, or 1/2 An Hour After Midnight?

Donny Goines:
  Because it refers to the principles of the Cinderella story and how they parallel to music. In that story the magical pumpkin turns into a carriage, which I compare to the fancy cars. The magical gown is like the jewelry, so on and so forth but what happens after Midnight? All of those things disappeared because they were not real. They were fantasy. This album represents the truth, my heart, a.k.a NO FANTASY!!!

RubyHornet:  This is a Chicago based website and we all know Chi town has been  on the come up for quite sometime, if not running this whole music thing. What is your perspective on Chi town?

Donny Goines:  I had the opportunity to visit it once and I loved it. Chi town is a place where a lot of great talent comes out. No I.D, Common, Kanye West, Lupe and many more have come from there and I love it.

RubyHornet:  For brownie points…you have any features off the album? Someone else to recognize so someone might just be like, ‘damn i gotta buy it before even hearing Donny Goines?

Donny Goines:  Nope. Not one single feature except for my girl Tess who is singing on a few hooks. I did that on purpose too. I could have gotten some big name features on there, but chose to go at it alone all the way through.Simply put, I wanted to prove myself as an MC and artist with my first album.

RubyHornet:  OK, my favorite part of this is fill in the blank…

Donny goines finished his freshman year of College.  Donny Goines thinks dickriding is gay…If I was a Ruby Hornet, I would diss the wack MC’s and then run to Canada to escape…My favorite rapper is Biggie…My favorite rocker is Anthony Kedis (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)…The best kind of music that isn’t Hip Hop is Mid 90’s Rock. I listen to my iPod playlist when I wanna chill out and sip coffee or tea…The most hard working man in the game right now is ME because he gets all the hot chicks (but I don get the chicks haha)…

RubyHornet:  OK…some of that didn’t make sense.  You still gotta answer it man..No one said gettinga interview form ruby hornet was easy.

Some people are afraid to be themselves because MTV says reality is not cool…For those who don’t know, Donny Goines has a video on MTVU freshmaN five,  but he also has videos on Music Choice On Demand…If i had to leave NYC I would go to Cali because the cool people live there and it makes me stoked…Kosha dillz is the illest Jew because he meets up with peeps like my Rabbi and kicks freestyles...Better rappers WRITE because they are too focused and need to write their music down...If I could change the world, I would help it by doing one good deed at a time.. If you walked a day in my shoes, you would have to be a size 9 and a
and also have dirty socks with a f’ed up attitude.

RubyHornet:  Rappers love to shout out the other rappers etc and their people. Let’s give them shine below here…also iTunes links and all that jazz…ready set SHOUT!

Donny Goines:  All I want to say is thank you to my boy Kosha Dills, Ruby Hornet, the readers and to everyone who shows me love. Be sure to pick up my album, Minute After Midnight,  which is Executive Produced by Dame Grease at, Itunes, Rhapsoday, etc. Much love.

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