Former Miss Venezuela in Photographic Campaign for Human Rights

Photos by Daniel Bracci

In reaction to high inflation, shortages of basic goods and a fragile economy in Venezuela, clashes continue to ensue between the socialist president’s forces and opposition protesters, and it’s been going on for weeks. In sight of the ongoing struggle, fashion photographer Daniel Bracci started a photographic political campaign called Your Voice is Your Power. This is set out to shed light on the overwhelming oppression experienced by media outlets, while highlighting the human rights violations also taking place throughout their home country.

In this campaign, Bracci uses former Miss Venezuelan and Miss Universe, Stefania Fernandez, along with so many other locals of all sorts, and poses them gagged, hand cuffed, dirty, and with bloody tears running down their face. What’s most notable and different in Stefania’s photos is her shiny crown still intact and sitting pretty on her head, perhaps making one of the biggest statements of her life.

The photography for this campaign is powerful and so captivating. Check out the following photos and be sure follow Daniel Bracci’s Instagram and find so much more on the campaign’s facebook album.

[Via People in Español]

Angela E. Mejia

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