Coming through with some wild artwork and an abstract mindstate, Beltran, Evan, and every Fucking Female (BEeFF) drop their freEP Leaders of the FAKEworld. Check out the lead single “Ghaddaffi”, the accompanying album statement and download link below.

Kingdoms fail – the Egyptian civilization, the Roman and Ottoman Empires, Mayan and Aztec country states – and now so has the almighty corporate-controlled web of perceptions, commonly referred to as reality. Bertran, Evan, and every Fucking Female appropriately dubbed BEeFF, present you with an audio coup d’état of sorts with their newest installment Leaders of the FAKEworld. With their lead single “Gaddaffi”, produced by the all powerful Redvision and aid from their comrades Mann, Shawn Chrystopher and Fly Guys, this project not only looks the part but sounds even more wild. There are surprises galore in our FAKEworld, take a gander and see the line between what is and what is isn’t as easy to believe.

BEeFF: “Ghaddaffi” (Prod. Redvision)


Download BEeFF: Leaders of the FAKEworld