[Video] Turn Your Smartphone Photos Into Prints With The Fuji Instax Share Printer

For many of us, the camera that is always with us is located on our phones, and I know for myself it’s the one that gets used the most; it’s simply for the convenience of when I want to capture something on the spot and share on social networks. A lot of times, though, I have photos stored on my phone that I have to delete in order to make room for new ones.

Now, Fujifilm has introduced a way for you to keep those old photos with an analogue touch with its creation of the Fuji Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1. The new printer gives your smartphone photos the Polaroid makeover with only the use of its free app which quickly and easily transforms your smartphone photos to hard copy prints in an instant. Just send your photos to the printer via the app and in as little as 16 seconds, you have the prints right in your hand. The printer comes with a price tag of $210.oo, so if you’re into the Polaroid look you might want to check out the official site for more details.

[Via Instax]

Bobby Reys

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