Ghostly Long Exposure Photography by Darren Moore

Photos by Darren Moore

Shot mostly around England, self-taught photographer Darren Moore creates ghostly, black and white images using a method called daytime long exposure. In this method, neutral density filters are attached to the camera lens to reduce the amount light, and allow the shutter to open for extended periods of time. All shots were created in broad daylight and with single exposures ranging from 30 seconds to up to 15 minutes. It’s a process that requires much patience and stillness, something not everyone can do.

With the combination of long exposure, black and white photography, still water, reflection, and chosen locations like shipwrecks, abandoned homes, and other off-shores features, the set creates a haunting, almost unreal feel. This appeal has become something Moore is known for in just a few years as a full-time professional photographer, and has even earned him international awards and exhibits.

Check out some of our favorite images from his work, and be sure to check out more here.

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