Girls Season 4 Recap

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“I’ve seen a lot of things, I’m 25 years old.”

If you’re like me, you can be cynical, but hopeful all at the same time. As a 20-something woman, it’s hard to comprehend the vagueness of growing up. There isn’t a handbook on it and there isn’t a self-help seminar you can go to that’ll make even the smallest decision easier. It’s the boring lifestyle of being a grown-up that scares me to insanity; and it’s that connection to the women of Girls that has pulled at every heart string of mine during season 4.

In this season of Girls, an HBO show centered around a group of New York women struggling to kickstart their lives, viewers were taken on a personal journey of discovery through each character unlike the previous seasons. A small breakdown of where the characters start off this season:

  • Hannah leaves New York to pursue her dreams of becoming the literary voice of her generation in Iowa, maintaining a long-distance relationship with Adam
  • Jessa has thrown her filter to the wind, speaking her mind and telling those around her exactly what she’s thinking; like a cold-hearted Judge Judy of free therapy
  • Shoshanna has graduated and realized the real world is absolutely terrible
  • Marnie is realizing being the other woman to her bandmate, Desi, isn’t working out so well

As the season progresses we also see the men in the ladies of Girls lives take a 180 turn. Desi ends up leaving Clementine for Marnie (and proposing to her later on), Ray gets fed up with his neighborhood government officials and runs for office and Adam starts a new relationship with a woman named Mimi-Rose Howard.

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