Google Seeks Patent to Integrate Cameras Into Contact Lenses

Photo credit: Google

The tech super giant that we all know as Google, has applied for a patent that details a way to integrate a camera into a contact lens. As if announcing the development of a contact lens that could continually monitor blood glucose levels of Type 2 diabetics wasn’t enough, they continue to outdo themselves with this latest patent that is intended to help people with visual disabilities. This sounds phenomenal. 

According to I Fucking Love Science, the lens is meant to work like this: “a small camera will be embedded out of the way of the pupil so it will not obstruct vision. Blinking activates the sensor for the camera. An advantage to using this lens instead of something like Google Glass is that the camera is able to follow the eye’s precise movement. Even the smallest sideways glance will still allow the camera to face the point of interest. The data collected by the camera can be processed to recognize a variety of properties including faces, motion, color, light, and certain objects.” Basically, by fitting a camera into a contact lens, users could process all kinds of data that could then be relayed to a connected smartphone. Developers also hope to add a zoom to the camera, reducing the need for binoculars. 

For those with a visual impairment, the lens will give an auditory warning to let the user know when it is safe to walk in the direction they are heading. The chip in the lens will also help identify friends and family through facial recognition by connecting to a database. 

Although there is no telling when the contact lens will be available to the open market, the patent is groundbreaking, and to some of us photographers, it’s a dream come true. However, some have argued that the idea is intrusive and even creepy. What do you think?

[Via I Fucking Love Science]

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