[Review] ‘Green Room’ an unforgettable punk rock horror film

Independent director Jeremy Saulnier brings this twisted unforgettable tale of a momentous punk rock attitude crashing into the world of shock and uncertainty in Green Room.

Inspiring and struggling hardcore punk rock band members Pat (Anton Yelchin), Tiger (Callum Turner), Sam (Alia Shawkat), Reece (Joe Cole) are delusional punk rockers named the Ain’t Rights.

Low on funds with an itch to perform, the Ain’t Rights make their way to a back of the woods hardcore punk rock club. Unaware of its usual crowd the Ain’t Rights find themselves performing in front of REAL hardcore punk rockers who just so happen to be Nazi skinheads.

Leaving the show, Pat sees something he wasn’t supposed to see. Caught in the middle of a bad situation turned worse Pat and his band mates are thrown into a dark world of drugs and murder from the hands of the ruthless club owner and his no moral limit henchman.

Green Room

Alia Shawkat and Anton Yeltsin. “Green Room”

Green Room
Director: Jeremy Saulnier
Rating: R
Release Date: April 22, 2016 (Chicago), April 29 nationwide

In Green Room we see these young inspiring punk rockers go through hell trying to make it out alive. This real human reaction leaves a unsatisfying feeling of unpleasantness because of the unfamiliar future of what may happen next.

This in your face cut throat style of story telling leaves urging questions of what’s going to happen next. Focusing and centering the green room located backstage of the bar they just performed in visual director Saulnier uses every inch to paint a haunting picture of no escape.

Amber (Imogen Poots) and Pat (Anton Yelchin) stood out as both unsuspecting untraditional figures. All the characters in the film go against what we’ve seen in past horror thrillers which also creates a surprising momentum of story telling.

Music fans will also enjoy this film for it’s taste and showcasing of music from artist like Corpus Rottus and Battletorn as well as original music from the films band the Ain’t Rights.

green room

Patrick Stewart, Brent Werzner, Samuel Summer, Colton Ruscheinsky and Mason Knight. Green Room.

A huge standout moment of the film is how Patrick Stewart emerges as a complete terror and haunting villain with no human remorse. As the leader of white skinheads, Stewart’s soft spoken portrayal is truly menacing.

Stewart’s portrayal alone is reason enough is see this film but definitely not its only one. In Green Room we see a captivating story that leaves us wanting more every second. This thriller is one that many will talk about for years for it’s original take and its brilliant delivery.

Check out the interview with producer Jeremy Saulnier.

Jesus J. Montero