Harrison Ford Sidelined Two Months Due to Star Wars Episode VII Injury

Last week, Harrison Ford (The Expendables 3) was involved in a major accident on the set of Star Wars Episode VII. While reports have been conflicted over what exactly injured him, with the most popular rumor being that a part of the Millennium Falcon fell on top of him, it’s been confirmed that the 71-year-old actor has a broken ankle, a possible pelvic injury, and approximately two months away from production to heal. Of course, director J.J. Abrams and the rest of the production crew can easily move things around the schedule to accommodate any time Ford might miss. For now, no official word has come from Ford’s camp, but it’s realistic to imagine Ford will miss some amount of time from production.

The accident is very unfortunate for the film’s production, but luckily Abrams and company are able to shuffle the shooting schedule around so as to not lose any significant amount of time for the film. Hopefully Ford will be able to heal fully and come back to production better than ever. I do like the prospect of Ford still getting his hands dirty, showing just how dedicated he is to ensuring Han Solo’s legacy won’t be tainted by his age.

[via /Film]

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