Hello Kitty Teams Up with Playboy for Limited Edition Leica

In the latest camera news, a surprising merchandise mash-up was released. Famed kid-friendly Japanese icon Hello Kitty,and French clothing store Colette have teamed up with Playboy, the American men’s magazine brand, for a limited edition Leica C camera. The odd trio was brought together by Colette to create an item for the store’s Hello Kitty x Playboy collection. Apparently, this coincides with the 40th anniversary for Hello Kitty, the 60th anniversary for Playboy, the 100th anniversary for Leica. As Leica isn’t the only feature in this rare collection, there are only ten of these cameras made, and each feature Hello Kitty, wearing bunny ears, taking a photo on the front of the camera’s body.

The camera is priced at $1,264, which is almost double the price for what Leica C is regularly priced at ($699). Still, this is one of the most affordable Leica limited editions we’ve ever seen. Check out the following photos for a closer look, and check out more of the collection here.

[Via PetaPixel]

Angela E. Mejia

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