I’ve been following Hoodie Allen since his “Making Waves” mixtape and it has been quite a while since that. He started making some serious noise after his latest project “Pep Rally” and he is now only 5 days away from his next project, “Leap Year.” From the sounds of what I have heard so far it seems like Hoodie has finally found his style and is perfecting it. While taking a little steam away from Chiddy Bang, Hoodie has began to infect our youth with this new form of rap and is able to create songs that we just can’t get out of our heads. “The Chase Is On” is the first song that Hoodie Allen has given to us from “Leap Year” and is something that has been making my transition into the morning or afternoon or whatever time it is Hoodie is making it a good one. Not to mention he somehow included one of my favorite NBA players ever into his rap and yes I mean Dikembe Mutumbo, who else would I be talking about. You have to give this song a few listens before you catch some dope lyrics that Hoodie is throwing at you that might just blow past you right away especially his Wu-Tang reference.

I have also included the video for this song which includes the stunning Sofia Black D’Elia who was most recently on MTV’s Skins and probably one of the only reasons I actually watched the show and one of the only reasons I cried myself to sleep when it got cancelled. You can watch the video right down below as well as grab the mp3 after (direct download for all my sweethearts).

If you so do please, “The Chase Is On” is also on iTunes so if you want to support your fellow artists you can do so.


Hoodie Allen: “The Chase Is On”