We’ve been doing this little thing called RubyHornet for a while now, since February of 2008.  In that time, we’ve had some great memories, and (we think) built a wealth of dope content.  “How About Some Old S**t” is our way of shedding some light on some of our favorites pieces from the past, some that may still be new to you.  The title of the post comes from an old Beastie Boys live performance bootleg that I got a few years ago in which MCA says, “how about some old s**t”, before they go into their classics.  So, that’s the vibe. That’s the deal…

Last weekend Virgil and I hit Pitchfork Fest in Union Park.  As we went from photo pit to photo pit and made several laps around the festival, I couldn’t help but think of last year’s Pitchfork Fest, and all the craziness that happened that weekend.  During Pitchfork 2010 we held our first Digital Freshness at Beauty Bar with Freddie Gibbs.  We also recorded a Closed Session with Gibbs and YP, which turned into the song “Something New”.  In addition to that, we recorded a Closed Session with Ninjasonik, Million $ Mano, and Hollywood Holt, which will appear on CS Vol. 2.  On top of that, we linked up with YM!, Knuckle Rumbler, and Smoking Section to put on Yelawolf’s first concert in the windy city.

It was a hectic weekend with lots of running around and very little sleep.  I remember actually taking a little nap in between Closed Sessions cause it was the only time I could find to rest.  I also remember picking Yelawolf and his team up from the airport, talking Miami clubs with DJ Artime, taking Yelawolf to buy hair products at CVS, their desire to eat deep dish pizza, and the hell of a show that Catfish Billy put on.  If you look at the video, you’ll also see clips of Vonnegutt (who would later come back for a Closed Session), Sean Falyon, Rockwell Knuckles, Hollywood Holt, and BBU.  It was an excellent night.  Relive it with us below.


See Photos from the show here.