I Want To Play Your Music at Digital Freshness!

Digital Freshness happens 1.24.19 at The Empty Bottle featuring Open Mike Eagle, Ness Heads, Fess Grandiose, DJ Ca$h Era, and DJ RTC. Tickets available here.

This is one of those posts where if you think I’m talking about you, then I am most likely talking about YOU.

I’ve been DJing since 2003 and throwing parties in Chicago for like 10 years, the life of rubyhornet and Closed Sessions. Want to know my favorite part? Playing songs by local artists (many of them my friends), and looking into the crowd and seeing that artist light up hearing their new shit through the speakers. I love that shit.

Do you know the song “Lose Your Soul” by Scheme and Mikkey Halsted? If I’m being honest, the chances are high that you do not, but it was one of my favorite joints to drop in my set. Right before Cypress Hill’s “When Shit Goes Down”. How about Naledge’s “Birdwalk Freestyle”? Mic Terror’s “Send It Up”? GLC’s “Flight School”? All classic jams from local artists who would most likely be at the function. It was even better when one of those artists would pop up to the DJ Booth and rap along as their song played.

That’s what I want to do again at Digital Freshness. See, the music would be sent to me at rubyhornet, posted on the site, then I’d play it at my sets. And since everything is coming full circle and it’s our 10-year anniversary, I want to bring this element back as well.

So, if you’re a local artist and plan on hitting Digital Freshness next week, send me an email and let me know (Alex@ClosedSessions.com). Hit me with some mp3’s for my serato, and if I like it, I will play it in my set. If I happen to play it and you’re in the building, come say hello. That’s my favorite shit.

Here’s an old ass photo I found of King Chip and Naledge doing what I described earlier at a Digital Freshness back in the day. See you next week.