The New Class
The New Class: Kembe X, Legit, Calez, Thelonious Martin, Alex WIley, Chance The Rapper, St. Millie, Caleb James

Last night we held a special edition of Digital Freshness featuring a full lineup of artists under 21.  It was a special group of artists, hopefully a group that can do some good things for Chicago Hip Hop, and Hip Hop in general.  We will have official video and photos soon, but in the meantime check out some of my instagrams from throughout the night. Look for a special edition of Freestyle In The Park coming soon as well. Shouts to everyone that performed, attended, and helped out. Special shouts to Jugrnaut for doing this with us.

Soundcheck Digital Freshness
one of these things is not like the other...
Kembe X and The Village
I DJ'ed for Kembe X and Alex Wiley. They are in there somewhere.
Calez brought the whole crew out for his set including Fonz, Julian Malone, and Johnny St. Cloud
Chance The Rapper
I also DJ'ed for Chance The Rapper. #10Day Out 4/3