Interesting Photographs of Drugs Under a Microscope by Sarah Schoenfeld

Photos by Sarah Schoenfeld

Have you ever thought of liquifying drugs and putting it under a microscope to create art?… Neither did we, but Berlin artist Sarah Schoenfeld did, and they make for some pretty interesting photographs. By mixing water and different kinds of drugs, both legal and illegal, and putting droplets directly onto exposed negative film, each drug interacted with the film differently, creating a chemical reaction that continued for variable amounts of time.

In what turned out to be both a science experiment and work of art, the complete collection has been published in a leather-bound book titled “All You Can Feel“, and it’s fascinating to see the different effects each drug had on film. It also provides a visual on what each can do to the human body. In a separate interview with VICE, Schoenfeld spoke further on how her inspiration, “But then I became more interested in how things look. Now I’m always looking for ways to make the internal, visual.”

Check out the following results/photographs to this experiment, and let us know which are your favorites. Click here to find more.

[Via IFLScience]

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