[Interview] DJ RTC On Leaving RubyHornet, Focusing on Closed Sessions


DJ RTC was recently interviewed by the Chicago Reader about his decision to step down as E-I-C here at RubyHornet, in order to concentrate 110% on ClosedSessions. As I stated on #ClosedSessionsRadio last week, RTC & I are still very good friends and will continue to work together in the near future. In today’s Chicago Reader, RTC explains the reasons for his departure from RH, as well as going into great detail on what is next for ClosedSessions. There’s a lot to read, so I suggest heading over to The Reader site  & check it out for yourself. Lookout for a special RTC feature on RubyHornet next week. Shouts to RTC for his honesty here. One of the most truthful people I know,  who I can luckily call a great friend.

Peep The Interview by Leor Galil Here

Sean CK

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