[Interview] Elena Fortes (Ambulante)

Elena Fortes

Last month, we shared Ambulante’s Kickstarter project, an operation to begin a rogue documentary tour around the U.S. in order to spread the word on documentary culture. Through the use of crowdfunding, Ambulante has been on a mission to advocate alternative filmmaking and storytelling rooted in non-fiction film, and has been using Kickstarter in attempts to raise $52,780, begin their documentary tour in California, and ultimately make the tour happen around the rest of the U.S. I was lucky to have the opportunity to speak to Elena Fortes, one of the founders of Ambulante, where we discussed how Ambulante got started, the status of their Kickstarter-funded documentary film festival project, how far internationally their documentary tours have reached out, and what it’s like working with Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna.

Aleksandra Pavlovic

Aleksandra Pavlovic is a Chi shorty who writes for VRLX Mag, studies at Beloit College, and enjoys Mexican food. Her interests also include Vince Vaughn, good jokes and German Expressionism.

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