[Interview] Gabriel Iglesias (The Fluffy Movie)

To promote his upcoming comedy special turned movie, The Fluffy Movie (which has since been delayed from July 11th to today), I got a chance to speak with Gabriel Iglesias about the project. I didn’t know what to expect. I’m not the biggest fan of his comedy, but seeing as he’s one of the few prominent Latino comics, I give him his due. I’ve got a lot of respect for the man as he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Through this interview we talk stand up versus film, control over your property, pushing the “Fluffy” brand in any way he can, and with laughs all in between. Read on to learn a little more on the man, the myth, the fluffy, Gabriel Iglesias.

Nick Valdez

Nick Valdez is a second rate beauty queen who's dreaming of the bar scene. From graduating college, finding Bigfoot (by taking off his shoes), to writing about movies, he's been looking for that one special thing. Or cute girls. Whatever comes first, really.

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