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The Glitch Mob is coming back to Chicago this Friday to the Aragon Ballroom in support of their latest album, Love Death Immortality. (Note: Our contest for a pair of tickets to the show is still open!) Jesse Pizano and Erica Steinhouse of our collaborators at Three Card Photography had the chance to pick The Glitch Mob’s mind ahead of this Friday’s show.

For those that have never heard of The Glitch Mob, tell us something about yourself and describe your music?

We like to think of it as Adventure Dance Music.

Do you think your name implies a certain sound?

Our sound definitely has some attitude. There’s a feeling of triumph that is present in everything we do, and it’s not intentional. It just happens that way.

How has your music changed since you started out?

It changes every time we do something new. We’re the type of artists to change course and reinvent ourselves every time, to keep pushing and challenging. We don’t even really know what to expect from ourselves next – the music has a mind of its own.

Let’s talk about the new album, Love Death Immortality; what’s the message behind the title?

The message is contained in the music, truly. Listening to the album is the only way to answer that question. It’s epic. It’s life.

The album sounds different from Drink The Sea. What attributed to the change?

The goal was to take the cinematic feeling of Drink The Sea and port it to the live stage, with full energy. LDI is meant to be a full body live experience, whereas Drink The Sea was more of an introverted album.

The Glitch Mob

What is your favorite song on the new album and why?

Each song tells its’ own story, so depending on how I’m feeling I’ll listen to different songs.

Do you guys have any rituals before going on stage?

We have a little meditation ritual we do before every show to clear our minds. It’s crucial for us to leave everything behind and put on the best show possible.

Besides the touring what’s next for you guys?

After this last tour wraps up we will spend some time recovering and inevitably head back into the studio to see where the story takes us next…

Last question is there anything you guys want to say to the “mob”?

So much gratitude. As an independent act, nothing we do would be possible without The Mob.

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