Philadelphia native, GrandeMarshall, may not be on your radar yet but let’s just say he’s caught the ears of many across the industry.  A lot of folks took notice following the release of his acclaimed 800 project, most notably Fools Gold Records, who signed Marshall to their label last October. “I still, to this day, have no idea how Nick & A-Trak heard 800. I just know once they were able to get a hold of me and my manager Frank, they urged us to come thru the office and just talk first and foremost,” he says about being discovered by the Brooklyn-based home to artists such as Danny Brown, Duck Sauce and many others.

It’s not hard to imagine Marshall’s bewilderment on being found, especially after considering  the serious manner in which Marshall holds himself.  He rarely collaborates with others, and is known for being holed up in his room “burning one, crafting a whole new tape out of FL Studio, or just making beats period.”

I first caught wind of the Philly emcee through the likes of ASAAD, another rising Philly emcee from a city who’s tenacity and lyrical prowess has always showed strong. From Beans to Cassidy, Freeway to Meek Mill, Philly has always stood up for itself in grand fashion, and Marshall is quick to state that he reps Philly hard as well. Marshall is currently working on a new project for Fools Gold, and is beginning to realize the new territory he’s in. In addition to being holed up in the studio, Marshall as added shows at Sanots in NYC, and daily meetings to his routine.  While his schedule gets busier, and his profile grows larger, one attribute remains the same, his worth ethic. “I could sit around all day and talk about how much better I am than such and such rapper, or I could go into the studio create some of the best sounding shit.”

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