[Interview] Nacho Vigalondo (Open Windows)

Nacho Vigalondo

Open Windows is a film about online privacy, celebrity obsession, and cyber terrorism told completely through various computer/camera/phone screens and windows. Such a format would handicap a lot of directors, but for Nacho Vigalondo, the concept further pushes his creative cinematic vision. The man behind one of the most amazing and entertaining time travel films, Timecrimes (Los Cronoscrimenes), and a romantic comedy set during an alien invasion, Extraterrestrial (Extraterrestre), is back with a film that’s as narratively interesting as it is cinematically.

As part of the film’s press date during last month’s Fantastic Fest, I had the chance to talk to Vigalondo about Open Windows, working with the film’s leads Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey, and some of his plans for the future. Check out the full interview over the next few pages, and make sure you catch Open Windows on VOD this week or in select theaters starting November 7th.

Geoff Henao

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