[Video] Jam Master Jay’s Son DJs a Jay Z-Inspired Mix On A Subway

If you’ve ever taken the subway, I’m willing to bet that you’ve encountered your fair share of street performers in your lifetime. You’ve probably seen solo acts and full-on bands with instruments to the resourceful performers who have taken ordinary buckets and transformed them into their own personal drum sets.

One things that I have not seen, though, is someone actually taking their act inside of a subway car… complete with a full turntable set. That’s exactly what TJ Mizell did recently, giving the commuters of the New York transit something to listen to. The video shows the whole process that he went through to get the equipment on the train and the set he played, which was a Jay Z-inspired mix. I’m sure that was one ride these commuters will never forget.

[Via Dope Roots Music]

Bobby Reys

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