Janelle Monae

“We live the type of life people would die for.”

Dope. Dope. Dope. Janelle Monae makes a well-used Dominique Dawes reference and shares the stage with B.o.B. and Lupe Fiasco on this remix of her single “Tightrope”. That’s really the long and short of things. Check it out below. Janelle Monae’s debut LP, The Arch Android, is in stores now.

Janelle Monae: “Tightrope” Remix featuring B.o.B. and Lupe Fiasco

[audio: http://rubyhornet.com/media/rh/music/janelle_monae_tightrope_remix_bob_lupe_fiasco.mp3|width=180]
props to Mr. X