Jay2 Shows Off on New Single, “Dedication”

“Dedication” is the most recent track from Zero Fatigue’s Jay2. Jay2 has been the lowest lying member of the collective, but this single is his second track of 2019 and has me excited to hear some more from him in the future. On “Dedication”, Jay2 shows exactly why he belongs in the same conversation as Smino and Bari. His impressive lyricism blends rapping with equally impressive singing. And Jay2 doesn’t shy away from his skill. In one

of the best flows on the track, Jay2 raps, “to these rappers I’m Hannibal bet / I’m so fuckin intangible / Me and my boys expandable / Make her go ay just like Danimals / She on my genitals”. Jay2 killed this song and he knows it.

It’s also refreshing to hear a Monte Booker beat after his work was notably left off of Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers III. Booker is on top of his game on “Dedication”, having churned out another bouncy and mind bending electronic beat with complex twists and turns that Jay2 navigates perfectly.

Check out “Dedication” on Spotify here.

Jake Kleinbaum