Joe Cornish not directing next Star Trek film

It appears that an early rumor involving Attack the Block director Joe Cornish being tapped to direct the next Star Trek film has been refuted. While he was rumored to be in early negotiations with Paramount to take over the role vacated by upcoming Star Wars director J.J. Abrams, it appears that Cornish won’t be involved with the film. This comes after Abrams gave Cornish a blessing.

There are currently no reasons why Cornish isn’t considered anymore, but he’s still a busy man in Hollywood, currently co-writing the Ant-Man film with co-writer/director Edgar Wright (The World’s End). In June 2012, he signed on to direct the film adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s novel, Snow Crash, so that could be the next project he takes on. Whatever the case may be, his directorial debut, Attack the Block, was one of my favorite films of 2011, in which he showed a keen eye for sci-fi and comedy. Star Trek 3 would have been the perfect avenue for his talents, but at least for now, that seems like nothing more than a far-off dream.

[via /Film]

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